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The hostility in Yei River is not by accident but it is rather, a well-planned operation that is intended to pin the Equatorian against the government as per JCE blueprint. 

According to a colonel in Salva Kiir’s army, the operation is aimed at getting rid of Equatorians. One colonel Malual Benjamin (Pictured above), who is based in Bilpam confirmed this in his Facebook post that wiping out of Equatorians is their plan and that it is going to be as easy as chewing biscuits. 

“…the military ramification is underway. Soon we’ll get rid of Equatorians...”  

“We’ll chew them like biscuits,” Malual warns.  

Consistent with his stern warning, in Yei river, Kiir’s tribal forces are now on the loose; shooting and shelling indiscriminately. They are burning houses, torturing innocent civilians and burning down their food items.  

According to the ground source, on Saturday, the SPLA forces and Ugandan mercenaries conducted scotch earth operation in three villages within Yei River; Bura, Laija, and Tisebi using tanks and armored vehicles.  

Women and elderly people who couldn’t flee were arrested and tortured in order to source information which they know nothing about.  

Other than facing the same fate or death, thousands of youths in Yei River have reportedly decided to pay allegiance to Cirilo's NAS to protect themselves and their beloved ones from state orchestrated terrorism.  

In a video circulating on social media, the alleged recruits could be seen dancing and singing patriotic songs while flying NAS flag.  

It is quite shameful and disheartening that a former revolutionary fighter, Kiir is stooping this low and humiliate people he previously fought for. 

Depending on the situation in Yei river, Magwi is likely to follow suit as several battalions have already been deployed in Pageri three weeks ago.  

If Dr. Riek Machar is truly being led by ideology, this is the right time for him to prove it. 

He should act like a leader and challenge the status quo. 

He should reason like a scholar and find the lowest common factor of this dilemma. 

He should also remember that if it were not for the sacrifice of those youths Kiir and his hired mercenaries are now hunting day and night, he, Dr. Riek Machar would not be alive today. He would have been captured alive or dead by Mathiang Anyoor group of Paul Malong Awan. 

Nicholas Osobi, 

Revolutionary Columnist. 

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