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Juba, 2 February 2019: In an exclusive interview with South Sudan Liberty News, South Sudan spy agent working for the notorious National Security Service, whose name SSLN is withholding to avoid endangering the lives of the agent and his families from the authority in Juba, the agent revealed ground shaking, dark and deadly underworld working of the South Sudan National Security Service against some church leaders in Juba.  

The spy agent unleashed a detail view of how the National Security Service headquarter in the blue house dispatch agents to spy on South Sudanese citizens across the country and churches in the nation’s capital particular but beyond.  

He said in Juba their main focuses are in St Theresa Catholic Cathedral in Katoro,here, their mission was to wiretap the private conversations of Priests, Bishops and even some prominent elders of the churches whom  the regime perceived as collaborating with the rebels in Equatoria 

The spy agent further said, they were more interested in St Joseph Chapel that accommodates Services in different languages, while he said he was assigned between 2013-2015, to track down both outgoing and incoming phone calls of Bishop Santo Lako, the outspoken and energetic young auxiliary Bishop of Juba.  

Whilst other churches they wiretapped are targeted preachers, it includes, Juba Christian Center [JCC], Kenisa Bari, and few other evangelical churches which are headed mainly by Equatoria clerics. The state secret agent of NSS who now said he profoundly regret causing harm while brutalizing the country, lamenting that, most of their actions are unprofessional and unconstitutional, but he however said they are simply implementing orders from above.  

He further said between 2013 to this date many of his colleagues are still attached to several churches in Juba, Yei, Torit, Kapoeta, Mundri, Yambio and many other places to do surveillance in the churches and secretly wiretapping the phone conversations of the religious leaders.   

He said whoever works for NSS cannot disengaged from the unconstitutional wiretapping and other inhuman and cruel treatments of the civilians because the system in the blue house does not allow one to resign, he said the state and regime in Juba is afraid once you quit working with NSS, they are afraid you will leak the secret to international community, hence they fear the leak of what they call classified information will be use against the regime should the Hybrid court be established in the future.   

He revealed that most of them who are deployed into churches are in civilian clothes and have developed close ties with people who are close to the targeted pastors and priests.  

The state spy agent further revealed that they also resort in wiretapping some prominent politicians mainly from Equatorians and few people who are believed to have connections with Thomas Cirilo in particular. 

The unnamed state spy told this news agency that among the people whom they streamline for surveillance include the National Minister for Security General Obutu Mamur, though General Obutu is the chief of South Sudan spy agent, National Security Service, his subordinate, Director of NSS  Akol Kor Kuic being Dinka report directly to President Kiir's office undermining his boss General Obutu, and he frequently ordered for secretly  monitoring and wiretapped phone communication of general Obutu Mamur 

He revealed that an assassination plot on Thomas Cirilo's life in Ethiopia through NSS had failed in August 2018. Secret agency from NSS in a pretext of wanting to join Thomas Cirilo's NAS rebel set a meeting to meet Thomas organized through individual working in the office of IGAD Special Envoy to South Sudan, Dr. Ismail Wais but the meeting didn't go through because Thomas had traveled to America.  

In addition, National activities, the secret agent further reveals they were dispatched to several neighboring cities to include Khartoum, Nairobi, Ethiopia, and Kampala to either kidnap or poison the opponents of Kiir. He cited the sudden demise of Prof Tombek Wani who died without illness from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2016.  

The NSS spy agent also mentioned the sudden disappearance of Justice Peter Sule, also known as Abdel Rahman Sule, who was kidnapped from Adjumani, Uganda while visiting his family members till this date his remains were not found or handed over by the government in Juba to his family for decent burial. He said Sule was kidnapped by elite intelligence officers after they, the elite intelligence officers who kidnapped him failed to forcibly extract a confession out of Mr. Sule, they then decided to torture him to death and his remains were thrown in the River Nile.  

He also talked about the pseudo defection of senior generals, the likes of Bridger general Kun Puoc, the younger brother of the former governor of Upper Nile state, Simon Kun Puoc to SPLA-IO was in a cover to assassinate Dr. Riek Machar, however, he said after their plan to get near Machar failed, they were instructed by authorities in Juba to redefect and come back to Juba then were received with open arms..  

He in details revealed how the plan to assassinate Riek Machar was hatched in Juba between Kiir and Taban Deng Gai, he said the plan was to killed Machar in order to elevate Taban Gai to his position who is seen as soft and non-opposing to Kiir , however when Paul Malong told Kiir, Machar and his men managed to get away out of Juba, the plan changed , and Taban was quickly moved to replaced Machar instead of General Alfred Lado Gore who was the second in command in the SPLA-IO and who himself did not flee Juba. The idea was to appease and splinter the Nuer since one of theirs is now the second most powerful man in the regime, this was expected to persuade Nuer to abandon Machar to weaken the SPLA-IO.  

He said in the military plan against the Equatorians, these were never expected to be headache to regime in the Juba, since they have no top military leadership to organize them except at the time, for General Martin Kenyi, his boys were expected to be given hot pursue so that some of them will surrender their guns and join government forces, Militarily, this proved elusive as several military contingents were send to Moli to crash the Madi rebellion. Given these difficulties in crushing the rebellion, the regime decided to depopulate the Madi corridor by ethnic cleansing, killings and complete destructions of properties, the scotch earth approach which resulted into civilians feeling to Uganda. 

He concluded, I want my country to know, peace shall not come as long as Kiir continues to use the secret services as they have done over the years and even today. 

Justin S. Kwaje 

Senior investigating reporter 


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