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Nimule, 31 January 2019; Military source based in Pageri County Headquarter told to this reporter that government is preparing for dry season offensive against the SPLA-IO forces operating in the county. This came after the planned military meeting between government and SPLA-IO forces failed to take place on 14 January in Loa payam.

The failure for the two sides to meet was directly blamed on Kiir, this reporter has learned that the commander of Tiger battalion in Pageri County said President Kiir did not give them the green light to attend the UNMISS facilitated meeting as it has already happened in other places.

According to reliable sources both in Nimule and Pageri, at least three thousand reinforcements have been ferried to Pageri to attack the bases of the SPLA-IO in Madi and Acholi land, however, the operation was put on hold with field commanders both in Nimule and Pageri advising Kiir cease hostility against the armed opposition forces in the area as they are peace partner not enemy.

According to military sources that commanders advised Kiir not to advocate for war but rather peaceful and amicable alternatives. The sources said the military commanders have expressed fear and worries as they may not be familiar with the jungles and hideout places of the armed opposition, this will put the lives of servicemen in jeopardy said the commanders according to the highly place source. The military commanders according to the sourcee also made references to previous causalities inflicted on the government forces in Moli, Loa areas.

However, the soldiers and militias brought from Aweil region are stationed in Pageri, they are in standby waiting for the final order from Kiir to carry out imminent attack in areas they suspected to be the hideout of armed opposition forces, more so the attack is aimed to extend the occupying forces in both Madi and Acholi land.

It was also revealed that the reason Kiir refused for his forces to meet the SPLA-IO in Pageri County is to recognize them as part of SPLA-IO because they operate in the area where Kiir's cows are grazing.

Also, Madi land is on market for resettlement of Dinka imperialist power, this according to the sources can be realized by militarized Madi land as deprivation tool to silent Madi people.

Andrew Olweny


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