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cBY SIMON KUR. JUBA RSS.As expected Presidential press secretary Ateny Wek Ateny categorical denied the expulsion of Dr Luka Biong Deng from his post as Director of the Centre for Peace and Development Studies in factuality of Juba University. Southlibertynew has confirmed categorically and stands by its report from a very credible sources including some close inner circle from the office of president and some professors from Juba University confirmed the dismissal of Dr Biong and the previous report.

Though there was no clear reason given to his immediately dismissal from the center for peace and development studies, however there are credible report that his firing has to do with Lukas recent public debate or lecture held in campus of Juba University organized by him to engage the public and seek their opinion about the recent presidential decrees issued by President Kiir to fragment the original and constitutional ten states into 28.

Close sources indicate that recent Public lecture organized and facilitated by Dr Biong is seen by the president as undermining his authority as Kiir doesn’t want to be challenge by anybody, as result Mr. Kiir orders the vice chancellor of Juba University to terminate the service of Dr Biong effective Wednesday 21 October.

On Thursday the spokesperson of President, Mr. Ateny Wek Ateny, categorical denied the involvement of his boss. “There is no any single presidential order, or presidential decree that has asked the University of Juba to sack or terminate the service of Luka Biong,” exclaimed Mr. Ateny the press secretary of Kiir.

“This is a concocted story. The president doesn’t go there [University of Juba] to appoint lecturers or to dismiss them.” However Ateny could not confirm or deny the dismissal of Luka Biong from his post as the Director of the center for peace and development studies.
This is not something new; Mr. Ateny is known for unreasonable defense of the president, as in the current regime in Juba sees what is wrong to be right, and what is right to be wrong, as for Ateny Wek Ateny of course that is what he is paid to do otherwise he will lose his job as press secretary though he is not fit for the post as he is not eloquent as demanded by the position.
An attempt to reach Luka Biong for his commend was unsuccessful as his phone is out of service.



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