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BY JUSTIN S KWAJE.Juba 23 October 2015. The South Sudanese President made a shocking remark while speaking in Juba on Thursday; he warns the unnamed group of people who according to the President are undermining the cost of the independence of south Sudan and the sacrifices it took to obtain the country.

The president was speaking after many media houses on reported what is considered to be undemocratic and interference by the President in an attempt to bully the learning institution in the country for ordering the vice-chancellor of Juba University to immediately terminate the emplyement of Dr Luka Biong, the Director of the center for peace and development studies.

It was alleged that the president is unhappy and felt Dr Luka was challenging his ultimate authority to fragment the constitutional ten states into 28. On Thursday afternoon, in a rare appearance, President Kiir made a shocking remarks and threats against unnamed group of people

“This country did not come without sacrifices. It has killed people and if there are people who do not know this for whatever reason, then they have to be told about it, whether they were with us from the beginning or they came to join us for their own reasons and motives” said president kiir without giving details about his remarks.

The now belligerent president who rules with an iron fists and by decrees issued such warning before and his harsh warning was followed by cold blooded murdered of Journalist Moi Peter Julius who was shot twice at the back on 19 August 2015. Moi Peter Julius was shot dead four days after Salva Kiir's apparent warning against those who reported "against his country".

Just days after President Salva Kiir allegedly made a thinly veiled threat to target journalists who reported "against the country". As he left for peace talks in neighboring Ethiopia on Sunday 19 August 2015, Kiir reportedly told reporters:

"Freedom of the press does not mean you work against the country," "If anybody among them (journalists) does not know that this country has killed people, we will demonstrate it one day, one time." said Kiir on August 16-2015.

It is now crystal clear under Kiir and his authoritarian regime anybody who dare to challenge his authority is liable and licensed to die including some of his former allies the likes of Luka Biong, it doesn’t matter whether they are Dinka or not.

The aid of Mr. Kiir however came strongly in support of the decision saying, Kiir as a head of state, decision is final and should not be challenged, this is contrary to essence of true democracy, the aid of Mr. Kiir failed to understand the president should be a servant leader not making decision but the parliament is the voice of the people to make decision on behalf of the people who send them to Juba to represent them.

“The president is right because it is only South Sudan where decisions of the president are challenged and forced to reverse or put them on hold because of the pressure” said a Minister in the office of the president.

Justin S. Kwaje Juba, RoSS

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