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BY SIMON KUR. JUBA, RSS.In yet another move of madness, the South Sudanese president Salva Kiir, step into a forbidden territories interfering and sabotaging the learning institutions in the country giving orders to the administration of Juba University to terminate the service of Luka Biong Deng, the former Abyei chief administrator, banning him from giving lecture in Juba University, as well as other universities and higher education institutions in the country.

There is no apparent reason given as to why the country’s leadership who has no direct Mandate to interfere with learning institutions, but friends and colleagues of Luka Biong, said president would have been prompted with recent public lecture facilitated by Luka Biong in educating and finding out public view about the republican order 36 issued by the President to extend the historical ten country’s states into 28.

During the recent public lecture organized by Luka, held at the campus of Juba University to discuss and debate on the unilateral order by president Kiir to create 28 states has shown how vast majority special the scholars have expressed their rejection and criticized the President in acting out of his constitutional mandate. Some law professors who were speaking in condition of anonymity due to fear of reprisals, criticized kiir for acting in what they described as “a failed authoritarian ruler” and “ as if south Sudan is a monarchy” they said the situation the government indulgence itself into is nothing than monarchical form of government which exercise absolute authoritarian power without consents of the subjects.

The critics of Mr. President added that Mr. Kiir is frustrated and feel everyone who challenges his unlawful decrees directly is an enemy of the state or (to him) therefore such a person deserves harsh punishment by denouncing and eliminating him/her out of his/her job, but such individual is tough enough to be deal with by security, methods of elimination should be apply to reduce the numbers of people who disrespect the president.

The public lecture organized by south Sudan director for peace and development studies Mr Luka Biong Deng’s “was attended by several prominent figures, including the leader of main political opposition party, Dr Lam Akol, Ambrose Riing Thiik, Lawrence Korbandy the presidential legal affair adviser, and some foreigner western diplomats from various European embassies in Juba.

Luka Biong’s lectured on the constitutionality of the decree and questioned the president about his constitutional right to act in such away without consultations, this was seen as embarrassment to Kiir special now that the foreign embassies are enlightened by the lecture organized by Mr. Biong, and so before he/Luka could go further with his public lecture he must be stop. How? By dismissing him from his job which is against the universal right of Mr. Biong.

Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favorable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.” Article 23 (i) Universal declaration of human rights.

This is not the first time the government in Juba has tried to limit the ability of Mr. Biong from challenging the only unchallengeable man in the country. Last year (2014) SPLA security confiscated the vehicle and materials donated by British aid groups to enhance the program of Luka Biong, later on Luka Biong was detained without evidence but government fear that the British government is aiding him in lecturing about federalism, when the unlawful detention and confiscation his vehicle and valuable material have reached to the British council in Juba, Kiir intervened and he released Luka Biong without any legal charges.

Sources within the Juba University said the president in response called the vice-chancellor of Juba University and instructed immediate dismissal and service termination of Luka Biong Deng, and he should be suspended from holding (public lecture) and teaching position for organizing the public lecture, seen as weakening the position of the president.




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