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SSLN. 16 Oct2015.Confusions and chaos breaks out in Present Eastern Equatoria state as governor Louis Lobong arrives Juba to attend the meeting of National Liberation Council called by the President which is expected to take place today (Friday) according to an informant from governor Lobong’s office. The primary agenda of the meeting is to support the unilateral decision taken by the President in dividing the country into 28 states with none existent resources to establish the states headquarters and funds to expanded pools of Civil servants.

Meanwhile this news site has obtained a very credible informations stating that there is serious consultation going on between former enemies, the Acholi and Ma’di of Magwi County. According to information obtained by this news site, intellectuals and community leaders from the Ma'di and Acholi groups held several consultative meetings, it said Ma'di community elders and intellectuals group residing in Juba have conclude their consultation phase and they are now going to meet their counterpart from Acholi community in order to finalized their decision before submitting their joined petition to the president.

According to the informant, not all sectors of the Acholi and Madi have embrace the presidents initiatives, some vow to resist it. He added, those who are lobbying for Eastern Equatoria to be split against our historic name, are those who have been in Kiirs pocket all along and had never said no to Kiir's bad leadeship, be it they are Acholis or Madi.

According to the informant the elements of Ma’di and Acholi, who are known to be kiir's supporters, felt they were neglected and left out by the Presidents decrees,they complaint that Eastern Equatoria state is bigger than central Equatoria state yet it is split only into two, this according to the group from of the former bitter enemies is unfair administrative work by the president. 

The group proposed the new Imatong state created by Kiir’s decree on the 2 October should further be divided into two. And they suggest that Acholi and Ma’di deserve one state with proposed name of “Atapi River state” with its state capital in “Owiny Kibul”.They said since Atapi is a river shared by the two communities of Magwi county, and given the inhabitants of Owiny Kibul are both from Ma’di and Acholi, this will now unite the two historically sisterly tribes of Magwi county who share a lot of common cultural heritage as they have over centuries of intermarriages. Some conclude the enmity was engineered by Juba as part of Kirs tribal ideology of Equatoria colonizations.

The group proposed Dr Margaret Itto, the younger sister of Dr Ann Itto who is also the current Minister of health of Eastern Equatoria State to be the governor of Atapi River state. They argued that with the educational credentials and vast working experiences she will attract investors quickly to develop Atapi River State.

Meanwhile SSLN has obtained another information coming from the office of governor Louis Lobong, as pre the information Lobong came to Juba with two names to be submitted to Mr. Kiir, these are the two individuals if their nomination are to go through one of them is expected to be the next governor of the newly created Imatong state by presidential decrees. Among the candidates is the incumbent deputy governor of EES Mr. Jerome Gama Surur appeared to be the front runner and Dr Ann Itto the current acting secretary General of SPLA party as the second choice, both hails from Ma’di but they are viewed by vast majority of the people from their constituencies as controversial figures, therefore it remains to be seen how their nomination to the top job in the newly created state will be receive by Ma’di people leave alone the other tribes in the state.

Deputy governor Jerome has been the assistant of Lobong for the last three years and many expect, he is the one running the affair of government of EES as he is the man with the brain, the two are seen as inseparable as they are brother in laws by marriage, Lobong wife is niece to deputy governor Jerome.

The political limbo behind the process of handpicking of candidates by another governor is something that never happened before, how on earth will governor Lobong be sure that he will be the next governor of Namorunyang state, a reward by Kiir for his unconditional loyalties, sorts of the relationship between a dog and its owner.

Andrew Olweny
Juba, RoSS

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